How to Join

The Upper Clearwater Farmers’ Institute exists to act generally on behalf of its members. In the past only residents of Upper Clearwater (that is the geographic area between 3rd Canyon and the Well Gray Park Ranger house) were able to join the UCFI.

With our new Constitution and bylaws the UCFI made it possible for everyone to join. When it comes to the residents of Upper Clearwater they all should join because with the hall tax they are paying it’s them who make it possible to maintain and operate the Upper Clearwater hall. Volunteers from Upper Clearwater did not only move and reconstructed the hall, they are also organizing events for everyone to take part and enjoy. They are the voting members, which once years at the AGM for example elect the board of Directors. By applying as a voting member you confirm that you live within the prescribed area. 

People living beyond the Upper Clearwater Valley also contributed to the reconstruction of the hall by filling up at the pump and in doing so putting money in the gas tax fund from which the TNRD granted money to the UCFI. Recognizing this contribution we opened up the UCFI to everyone to join. If you support the ideas of the UCFI please join us as an associated member.

Last but not least we like to promote local businesses to support the UCFI. To them we will offer a variety of benefits, which include the possibility to place an Ad on our web site. The UCFI also plans to put up a billboard at the hall property, assuming sufficient interest, to aid local businesses.

All members of course will enjoy a member’s discount, if they desire to rent the hall.

After you have decided to join the UCFI the only thing left to do is to fill out an application. For your convenience a fillable PDF is ready to be filled out right here on your computer screen. Just provide the necessary information through our online form and then save and/or print the form, sign it and follow the instructions on the form.

UCFI Membership Form

If you are one of the people who don’t like to join anything but still like the ideas of the UCFI consider making a donation by sending a cheque or money order to: UCFI, 5276 Clearwater Valley Road, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N1

Your support will be very much appreciated.