UCFI Purpose

The Upper Clearwater Farmers’ Institute is a non for profit Organization in “good standing”.

What does it mean? As a Government regulated entity we have to follow certain rules like for example filing annual reports, holding board meetings, and annual general meetings, during which the outgoing board presents its report to the members as well as organizes the election of the new board.

If you are interested in upcoming meetings click the button below to get to our Calendar App.

Event Calendar

Besides managing our Organization the UCFI organizes and/or hosts a variety of events like Easter Egg Hunt or the Halloween party just to name a couple. The whole Community is encouraged to participate in those events whenever possible to have fun and to get to know your neighbours better.

There is no admission fee and we are looking forward to seeing you at our next gathering. To learn more about those meetings explore Agendas from the past and/or future meetings as well as read the minutes click the button below look for the appropriate link at the top of the home page. 

Meeting Minutes

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Invitations and Posters