What We Do

Whether showing our kids how to grow vegetables or coming together for a potluck our programs are providing a wide variety of activities with one goal in mind: “Bringing our Community together in an effort to get to know each other and being there if help should be needed”.

We are well aware that this is a tall undertaking and we will need the will of the Community as well as the engagement of volunteers to reach this goal. 

Everyone interested in taking part or making suggestions for new activities please use the contact form. If you would like to organize an event for the Community make a project application for needed funding and if approved it will be included in our calendar.

But foremost please keep in mind; whether we handle a fun project or whether we have to deal with an emergency, it’s us who will determine the outcome. All our activities wouldn’t be possible without the Community Gaming Grant provided by the Province of British Columbia.

To learn more about our programs please press the appropriate button.

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“We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia”